12 out of 10

Just copied from a forum post…..

Took my 12′ x 30″ open canoe for a spin for the first time with a sail today. The design of the rig has been inspired by the West Mersea Duck Punt (yes Dylan Winter I know I should have built one, and wish I had, but for moment I have to potter with what I have)
The two aspects I have taken from the duck punt are that the mast is free to swivel 360┬░ and the steering paddle. I tried to lie down more but the yoke got in the way and I have used a pivoting lee board.
It was a very successful day and didn’t have any involuntary swimming to do, the boat was well mannered and able to sail on all points with ease. I have a longer video showing the close hauled work and paddle assisted tacking but I am having difficulty transferring it.
I tried, in shallow water, righting him using a paddle bag. This did not go well, the closest I got to workable solution was to rig the paddle and float and bail until only about 3 inches of water on the bottom. It was still very wobbly when I got back in and paddled. Side buoyancy bags are required. That said I don’t think I got close to a capsize when sailing through constant mainsheet trimming.
I built the rig for light air pottering on a local river and very pleased it meets that brief.





Not quite to plan

As the saying season draws to a close I a chance to sail the canoe on Saturday and so have rushed to get him sailable. I quickly rigged the mast and sail etc. I very quickly realised the lug of the sail has stretched much more than I anticipated and had to move cleats about and even then it is far from ideal but it will get me sailing. Oh the plus point the sail looks good, possibly a bit flat and the feathering works very well. I am disappointed in angle of the kicking strap and having had to drill extra holes in the mast but it is all fixable.


Get’n there

Some good progress made, some painting done, lee board wear plate made and fitted, mast foot fitted, mast thwart attachment fitted. All a bit rough and ready but still cost nothing and not compromising the canoe as a canoe only too much.

Have cut out the sail from the old IC sail and reinforced on corner.