Got impatient, it has be a very hot day and I have regatta coming up and there was a window to try fitting the gunwales. The extra clamps have not arrived but I figure I can add these later and pull the gunwales into place a little more later. It was evening when I fitted them so they where cool but smelt of wet wood. The wood did bend into place quite easily and I think the wetting and solar heating had an effect though to be honest it was not a massive.

Build time total 51 hours


Off the grid steaming

image image

Gunwales wrapped in wet rags and sealed into bin bags and cooking.

I attempted fitting the gunwales but they would not quite take the twist so I am attempting to make them more flexible by a sort of steaming. The pine has been wrapped in wet rags and then sealed in taped bin bags. This has been put on the shed which facing South is a sun trap. The bag was very warm at mid day. I have ordered more clamps and attempt to fit to the canoe when these arrive.


Have also been sanding both the inside and outside of the hull with, glass paper, sanding blocks and delta sander. Going well but it is a long job, figure the more I sand the lighter the canoe. With the gunwales it now weighs in at 10 kg. The panels at both ends are a bit crocked, one end worse than the other, not going to fuss about it too much. I could add lots of filler and get it looking OK but I rather have light wonky boat than inflated ego.

Build time total 50 hours

Scarfs in June

Finished that last internal taped seam (ish) still near to complete the little bits between the bow and the carbon. Going to clean up all the inside, there are some areas where the tape needs cutting away and I will add more tape to repair and add the last tape at the same time. Half way through the job I switched from West to SP, wet on wet hopefully it will be OK.

I have also scarfed together the pine for the gunwale, I made a simple router jig and Gorilla glue rather than epoxy. Another of my numpty errors, I only bought enough pine for the inwale or outwale. Thinking I may just laminate Kevlar onto the outside of the pine. Kevlar/Epoxy is 7 times stiffer than pine.

Build time total 46hours

Epoxy total 1,524ml

image image image image

3/4 and some experiments

Easier day at work and more laminating of the chines. Tried a few variations, had read a blog saying don’t use a glassing table, which would always be my normal method so have not so far. So laminated 3 more 1/8ths.

1. Wet out on table both the 50 and 75mm together and folded to about 300mm in length, ended up a bit wobbly

2. Wet out on table the 50 and 75 mm separately and rolled – worked well

3. Wet out  the 50mm on the table and then in place the 75mm over the 50 in place, OK but not as good as 2, hard work to wet out.

using the glassing table is much quicker, easier and I think uses less resin that wetting out in place. You also avoid dripping the resin from the brush as you wet out. I have used 100mm peel ply over the top of all the tape and rolled well so I don’t think I have put too much resin in the laminate.

Build time total 44hours

Epoxy total 1380ml

3/8 ths

Laminated more tape on the chines, two more halves resulting in 3/8ths of the internal chines done. The inside is now starting to look very messy, coupled with building after a day at work is leaving me drained.

Build time total 42.5 hours

Epoxy total 1252ml