Stuck up the Dam

 Light a variable up on the Dam 3rd by half a second and a 5th. Boat was going like a train when there was some wind. Have fitted a burgee and using the leech tell tails a lot, on the good sail. Boat still very dry but bailers leak as the boat launched still. The stuck bit, I locked the keys in the car, 😠


All panels complete


A quick half hour sanding all the panel edges and I am ready to join the planks. Not bad six and a half hours work which even at twenty pound an hour is cheaper that the £150 I was quoted for CNC.

Don’t look much like a canoe but very happy with the results so far.

Build time so far 6.5 hours.

Router table used 

Have completed the ripping of the panels and tested they are correct, luckily yes. Used the the router table to ‘finish’ the sides of the sheer strake. I taped some spacers to the template and the the four panels on top of this. Router table worked well but a few areas where I cut into the panel but no more than 1 or 2 mm over a 5mm length so I don’t envisage any issues as it will be buried under the epoxy. 

Build time total so far 3 hours


Flying sawdust

Got to work on the canoe today. Have now cut out roughly 12 of the 16 panels. Used a 30 plus year old jigsaw with a metal cutting blade, It would cut 2 sheets at a time but not the full four. I cut with the wood supported by 100mm urethane foam which worked brilliantly.

Total build time 2hours