Longtime no post

Snow on the ground but the Streaker has had her winter referb and back at the club hoping for a sail on Sunday

Iki Wa’a now has outriggers added just as quick test, now the boatshed is clear I will continue the development


Comfi Bum

IMG_3993IMG_4115IMG_4116IMG_4117IMG_4118IMG_3990Mainly been posting in face book because it is simple but feel a numpty posting about the seat there. What has happened recently, canoe wise removed the rig, I could sail it fine but one day it was going to go over and become very messy.

Have simplified it and been getting out as much as I can. Finally made a proper trolley which works great. Have been focusing on consort of the seat as I have been getting some back bottom pain along with leg cramps.

Have used web data to make a lumbar support, simply Velcros onto the proprietary seat and works well. Have just made a new cushion with holes to relieve the pressure on theĀ ischial tuberosities and coccyx. Sat on a chair on foil to get the exact position right, pictures tell the story after that. Not yet tested but seams comfortable.




Frustrating wind

On the plus side the wind according to the data was spot on. The truth was very different, up but mainly down and all over the place, at least we got out. Tested righting the canoe with the water container as buoyancy.



IMG_4463IMG_4464IMG_4465IMG_4462Great day up the Dam. Blue skies, bit light to stat with but then building to a nice breeze. True in line with forecast. At 17.00 it was quite a bit above forecast which was then adjusted.



I have started to use Willy Weather to compare the forecast and true wind at Scaling. Particularly as on of the members told me when it is south west it will be ten knots above the forecast. This appeared to be true last year, I tried to use WW last year but the forecast line changes during day and so did not reflect the morning forecast you need to trust to set off. So at 7.00 it was 25mph for noon, when I looked back tonight at 1.00 forecast 15 but true 25, a massive difference but true to the 7.00. Anyway, didn’t go up, the web cam showed no boats out and WW said gusts where in the high 70s




After watching a ‘con’ (send us you $$$$$$$ and we will tell you something you can get for free) video about exercise for older guys. Anyway on major ‘secret’ was High Intensity Interval Training, so I read a book about it by James Driver and put into practice tonight. Used the cross trainer 10 mins warm up, intense 15sec rest 55sec x 20 reps, warm down 5 mins and stretches.